Arrest on South Campus: teenager tackled off bike and led away in cuffs

Students catch sight of boy being removed from university grounds in handcuffs

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Hawk-eyed uni security tackled a teenager off his bike and arrested him on South Campus.

Witnesses say guards caught the local lad – who looked around 14 – as he was cycling around near the Rendall building at about eleven o’clock on Monday morning.

A handful of police and university security guards were seen handcuffing a boy and leading him to a nearby police van.

A passing third year student caught a glimpse of the incident, and told The Tab:  “I came out of the Eleanor Rathbone building and there was three policemen, two security guards and a bike lying on the floor.

“The kid literally looked about fourteen and he was getting arrested where the Roxby building is.”

Another third year was nearby as the incident unfolded, he explains: “They cuffed him and walked him to the van. He was looking pretty upset. The security guards walked off holding his bike.

“The boy looked no older than sixteen, but it was nothing too viscous.”

The incident took place on the usually peaceful South Campus.

He added: “From what I heard the security guards rugby tackled him off the bike, but I didn’t see that myself”.