Meet the freshers… and their parents

‘I think I can trust her to behave.’

freshers halls parents' advice

They’ve had a week to settle in, but what were the freshers like when their parents dropped them off?

Name: Christian Macavoy

Parent: Phil Macavoy

Halls: Home Sweet Home

Hometown: The Wirral

Subject: Business Management with a year in Industry

Phil: “We live quite close so all he’s got to do is travel in each day really. We’re not worried at all, and it was his choice to stay at home.”

Christian: “I hope to get to know everyone as well as I can really, and try and settle in quickly and hopefully do as well as I can on my course.

“I’ve been quite shy this last few years so I’m hoping this will help me to gain a bit of confidence, and get involved with as much as I can.

“I wanted to stay at home because of money, but I also want to get comfortable first then if I want to, move in second year.”

Name: Ellie

Parent: Jane

Halls: Roscoe and Gladstone

Hometown: Leeds

Subject: Law

Jane: “Have I got any worries? I suppose that she’ll settle in and be happy.

“I have no idea what to expect from her Freshers’ Week but she’s quite sensible so I can trust her.”

Ellie: “I hope to settle in and enjoy my first year I think.

“I don’t know what to expect. I’m not sure whether to be nervous or excited.”

Name: Matilda Hewitt

Parent: Dominic Hewitt

Halls: Roscoe and Gladstone

Hometown: London

Subject: Biological and Medical Sciences

Dominic: “I don’t really have any worries, I should do shouldn’t I? But no I don’t.

“I will miss her, the cats will particularly too I think.

“A lot of the venues start at 10 in the evening and finish at four in the morning. Well I came here about 32 years ago and I don’t remember those sorts of  things, so it’ll be pretty hard on I expect.”

Matilda: “I want to meet lots of new people get settled in, that sort of stuff, and erm good nights out I think.”

Name: Molly

Parent: Sue

Halls: Roscoe and Gladstone

Hometown: Warrington

Subject: Psychology

Sue: “I worry about whether she’ll cope without a mamma! Oh, expecting her to do well, aren’t we Mol?

“She’s pretty level headed, and of course we’ll miss her.”

Molly: “I don’t think I’ll get any work done in Freshers’. It’ll be really hectic, I probably won’t get up for Welcome Week.”

Name: Kate

Parent: Steve

Halls: Vine Court

Hometown: Sheffield

Subject: History

Steve: “I don’t particularly have any worries. I think she’s well prepared for it, can cook meals so she’s there.

“Can I trust her to behave? I think so, I’d like to think so, so I’m going to convince myself yes is the answer to that.

“We know from her sister who did Freshers’ Week two years ago it’s going to be a tough week.

“She won’t get a lot of sleep but there’ll be a lot of socialising which is an important part of coming to university.”

Kate: “I hope it’s going to be really fun, meeting lots of new people but it’s going to be quite busy. I’m looking forward to joining Netball as well.”

Name: Ben Gregory

Parent: Ken Gregory

Halls: Crown Place

Hometown: Nottingham

Subject: Medicine

Ken: “No I don’t have any worries, it’s fine, student looks organised and everything.

“I think I will miss him. I’ve been to university but I went as a mature student so I didn’t really take part in Freshers’ Week.

“I’ve got all my faith in him, don’t let me down.

Ben: “Freshers’ will be mad. But good mad. I’m looking forward to joining the societies. Hopefully I won’t go too overboard but basketball definitely.

“Ultimate Frisbee I heard was quite good so I’d like to look at that. The wrestling looks good too.

“I’m hoping to just enjoy it really, make some friends, just have a good time at uni but do well at my studies too.

Name: Holly Bradley

Parent: Dee Bradley

Halls: Crown Place

Hometown: Manchester

Subject: Sociology and Politics

Dee: My only worry is missing her more than I think. Obviously she’s in a new city so knowing about the safety side of things is important. That’s it really.

I think the first week will be fun. Again sensible, safe, have a little bit of fun. I just think it’s a great way to get to know each other better. Break the ice really. I think I can trust her to behave.

Holly: “I just want to be able to settle in well and make good friends here so that I can feel comfortable where I’m studying.

“I can’t wait for Freshers’. I did it last year with friends who went last year so I’m really looking forward to it.

“There’s one of the guild events which is the UV party with Hodor as the DJ, so I’m looking forward to that.

“There’s another one as well at the Krazyhouse which I’m looking forward to.”

Name: Tori Salwin

Parent: Mrs Salwin

Halls: Vine Court

Subject: Medical Science

Hometown: Shenley, Hertfordshire

Mrs Salwin: “I’m just not sure she’ll cope with everything. She’s a bit messy at home so I’m not quite sure how she’ll manage but we’ll see.

“Of course I’ll miss her. I think Freshers’ Week will be crazy and I think I’m a little but worried whether she’s going to last through to the end.”

Tori: “I look forward to making some new friends, getting to know the campus, getting to know my tutors. I think Freshers’ Week will be enjoyable, tiring but hopefully not too draining.”