Freshers snub Carni for posh on-campus accommodation

Posh freshers keen to take en-suite studio flats over Carnatic

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Posh freshers are ditching the infamous Carnatic in favour of studio flats in new accommodation Crown Place.

The on-campus halls, which will welcome 1,259 freshers this month, has been forced to offer an increasing number of students studio flats- because the cheapest rooms are, unsurprisingly, oversubscribed.

Fussy freshers don’t want the hassle of flat sharing

Replacing the Veterinary Sciences building, Crown Place will join Vine Court as Liverpool moves its accommodation on-campus.

Cheaper rooms in Crown Place ran out early

Prices start at an eye-watering £124.95 a week for a self-catered ensuite room, and go up to a staggering £159.60 a week for a self-catered large studio, which several students have been forced to take.

Astonishingly, some freshers are happy with this decision.

Mitchell Titley, who will be joining Liverpool this September, said: “I’ve got an ensuite single room and I think it works out to £4800-ish.

“It’s more on the expensive side because I’ve been around to see my friends at different unis and compared prices.

“I wanted self catered as I’m a fussy eater.  Also it’s brand new, so I like the idea that no one else has been in my room- there are no dirty secrets hiding around in there! I can’t wait to move in.”

Snobby first years don’t want to deal with mess

Jonny Zatman, another fresher, isn’t too fussed about the price.

He said: “I’ve been given a studio, and prices are high but reasonable considering I’m essentially getting my own personal flat.

“I’ll be getting some ‘parent finance’, so price isn’t much of a worry to me as it may be for others.

“I can’t bloody wait, it’s been a long time coming.”

Freshers are snubbing Carnatic

But not everyone is satisfied with the prices.

Amaar Hassan, who just graduated from Liverpool, is sceptical about the costs for Crown Place.

He said: “When I started my first degree in Leeds, rent was £75 per week for an ensuite single room.

“Three years later, I started my second degree at Liverpool, and rent was £88 per week for similar standards.

“Another four years on from that I’d expect a similar increase- about £20-£25, so I’d expect an ensuite accommodation  to cost about £115.

“Single ensuites at Crown Place are very expensive, and £150 for a standard studio- just to have your own stove- it’s far too much.

“If you’ve been forced to accept a studio because all the other rooms have been taken, you should be given a discount on the price.

“The student shouldn’t be made to pay a price that they didn’t apply for without some sort of reduction.”

Vine Court opened in 2012

Professor Kelvin Everest, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Student Experience, said:  “We know there is increasing demand for accommodation on our city campus.

“The opening of Vine Court in 2012 and Crown Place this year will provide more than 2,000 additional rooms.

“Students, however, also tell us that they enjoy living at our residences in suburban Liverpool due to its proximity to Sefton Park, restaurants, and shops.

“We are currently investing in our Greenbank site to better meet the requirements of our diverse student community and provide an environment that matches the high standards of this popular residential area of Liverpool.”