Nil Points for Buckby in the Euros

Liberty GB, the party of Ex-Liverpool Uni student Jack Buckby, has come dead last in the European elections – breaking a record for the fewest votes in the process.

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Ex-Liverpool Uni student Jack Buckby’s party, Liberty GB, have come dead last in the UK’s European elections. 

The party, which promises to “repair the damage done by ‘progressive’ education” and introduce a First Amendment (to what?), won a teeny-tiny 0.02% of the national vote.

Jack Buckby, once a Politics student at UoL, was expelled from the University last year.

While a student, he founded the National Culturists – an anti-multiculturalist political movement (and provided us with lots of stuff to report on). Since then, he’s become involved with the far-right group Liberty GB.

"Why did no-one vote for you Jack?" "Dunno."

“Why did no-one vote for you Jack?” “Dunno.”

He’s a well known figure – Vice Magazine called him “the wonder boy of the British far-right”. Clearly this hype didn’t help him in the elections though.

Liberty GB was founded in 2013 by Paul Weston – an ex-UKIP member with a Romanian immigrant wife.

He was mentioned as an influence in Anders Behring Breivik’s ‘manifesto’, has claimed the National Union of Teachers is “guilty of child abuse”, and has expressed concerns that the 21st Century will see the total extinction of the “white European race”.

Buckers and two other Liberty GB candidates stood for election in the South East, without much success.

In fact, the party’s miniscule 2,494 votes is the fewest votes any party has ever got in the UK’s Euro elections since the proportional representation system was introduced in 1999.

At least they’ve broken a record, right?

Liberty GB are the ones right at the bottom.

Jack’s party is the one right at the bottom.

Liberty GB was even beaten by such bizarre parties as Yorkshire First, The Roman Party (which was founded by a French bus driver from Reading), and the Pirate Party.

He can't be racist - some of his favourite bread is African.

He can’t be racist – some of his favourite bread is African.

The reasons why Buckby was kicked out of UoL are unknown – obviously, the Uni doesn’t just dish out gossip about individual expulsions.

Either way, you would have thought that being expelled would give him more time to work on his political career – obviously he hasn’t been working hard enough.

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