Meet the new Liverpool Tab editors you’ll love to hate

The Times They Are a-Changin’ – as one chapter of Tab history sadly comes to a close, the scene is set for a new generation of campus big-mouths.

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Editors Catherine Reid and Doug Bolton are moving onto greener pastures, and whilst their time at The Tab has kicked the bucket, they have entrusted their legacy to a new generation of journos.

So long Cat and Doug

So, meet our new editors…

Editors-in Chief – Cristina Criddle & Adam Payne

Cristina Criddle

Cristina (left)

Hometown: Plymouth

Course: History and Politics

Celeb Look-Alike: Faye Reagan

Most embarrassing moment: ‘burning my thighs with Supernoodles and having the scars to show for it over 6 months later’

If you could have just one super-power…: ‘self-washing hair’

Biggest Weakness: The inability to reach the top shelves in the library

My favourite dictator: Adam Payne

Best Tab Moment: My week without make-up

Adam Payne

All aboard the Payne Train

Hometown: Barrow-in-Furness

Course: English Literature and Politics

Most Embarrassing Moment: ‘I once wolf-whistled a woman in the street before realising it was my own mam – explanation can be provided upon request’

Best Feature: My wavy locks

If you could have just one super-power…: The ability to speak in all known languages without training

Celeb Look-Alike: Conor Maynard (apparently)

Idol: Cristina Criddle

Best Tab Moment: Controversial cleric visit cancelled – a valuable opportunity lost

Deputy Editor – Steph Brew

Don’t be fooled by the smile, she is hard to please

Hometown: Newcastle

Course: English Literature

Most Embarrassing Moment: ‘I confessed my undying love for my lecturer in an email – he didn’t reply’

Pet Peeve: People who sneeze consecutively

If you could have just one super-power…: Mind control

Biggest Weakness: ‘I can’t help judging some one by their footwear’

Best Tab Moment: People who ruin pre-drinks

News Editor – Imogen Scott-Chambers

Hometown: Doncaster – ‘STI Capital’

Course: Politics and Philosophy

Most Embarrassing Moment: ‘Whenever I try to embody my inner Rihanna’

Best Feature: My eyebrows

My Idol: Perez Hilton

Biggest Weakness: The inability to whisper

Best Tab Moment: Life as the only girl on a floor full of boys

Features Editors – Benedict Spence and Katriana Ciccotto

Benedict Spence

Always a snappy dresser

Hometown: Norwich

Course: He dabbled in a few subjects before finding his true calling – History

Super Skill: Downing 14 cava shots in 7 minutes

Best Feature: Arrogance

Biggest Weakness: Empathy

Biggest Turn-off: Liberal Democrats

If you could have just one super-power…: ‘Time travel; both as a keen historian & to make light work of the bookies’.

Best Tab Moment: How to pass your exams

Katriana Ciccotto

Hometown: London

Course: History and Spanish

Best Feature:  ‘I was once told by an international student that I have quite a good bum for a white girl.’

Best Skill:  ‘I have a very sensitive bullshit detector. I am very good at telling when people are lying, something I’m quite proud of.

Biggest Weakness:  ‘I am way too vindictive. I take revenge very seriously. In year 9, my bestfriend kissed my boyfriend. I stole her makeup bag, set it alight, and sent her pictures of the ashes. Just to top it off, I squirted fake tan on her hair the next day. This is one example of many.’

Best Tab Moment: Why everyone should date a Scouser

Fashion Editor – Lizzie Thomson

Hometown: London

Course: English

Most Embarrassing Moment: ‘Falling down the stairs and onto my arse in front of Jamie Laing’

Biggest Turn-off: Feet

Super Power of Choice: Weather predicting boobs…

Biggest Weakness: Anything with an Irish accent

Best Tab Moment: How to dress like your chick flick heroine

Argument Editor – Joe Phillips

Hometown: Manchester

Course: Biological Sciences

Most Embarrassing Moment: ‘Getting booed in the street’

If you could be any writer…: Jacqueline Wilson

Biggest Weakness: ‘my inability to take part in small talk. I hate the whole: ‘how’s ya day been’. Tedious’

Best Tab Moment: Liverpool vs. Manchester

Sports Editors – Oscar Davies and Chris Linnell

Oscar Davies

Hometown: Rochester

Course: Politics

Most Embarrassing Moment: ‘When Dennis Skinner farted in my face, made eye contact with me, and said NOTHING.’

Favourite Study Spot:Abercromby ground floor – its got a really high ceiling so there’s lots of thinking space’

Biggest Weakness: Vodka

Biggest turn-off: Easy… Man United fans

Best Tab Moment: UoL Foxes launch naked calendar

Chris Linnell

A budding golfer

Hometown: Wiltshire

Course: History and Politics

Most Embarrassing Moment: coming back from a night out celebrating the end of January exams. I’d drunk a few bottles of wine at pre-drinks. I got back to halls and went to my girlfriend’s room to go to sleep, then I was sick all over her duvet – didn’t tell her it was me until the next day’

Favourite Club: Envi

Biggest Weakness: Being a bad loser

Biggest Strength: Making money

Best Tab Moment: The worst sports injuries on campus+

That’s all folks! Now that you know who the new Tab Team are you can stalk us on social media and berate us on campus.

We’ve still got positions to fill! We are looking for another news, fashion and argument editor, as well as more writers.

If you think you’re up to it, send an email to [email protected].

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