Why @livunilibrary is an absolute legend

From reminding us to wee to accosting snogging students, we ask: WHO IS THIS COMEDY DEMON?!

As the temperature rises in accord with the stress levels in the library, new forms of distractions and procrastination are popping up left, right and centre.

One of the more amusing outlets of sarcasm is the library twitter account. Managed by god knows who, this invisible comical genius has been providing some much needed bantz during peak exam and essay time.

From drunken tweets from their staff pub crawl to encouraging messages urging all students to vacate their desks before weeing, they have come into their own during the most appropriate time of the year, when the majority of the student population is glued to the greenhouse that is Sydney Jones/Harold Cohen (delete as applicable).

Here is a selection of the best tweets from the last couple of weeks. Whilst you peruse this comedy gold at your leisure, I will be on the neverending hunt to identify this jester, and perhaps ask him out if he is in fact A HE (love a good joke me, better than a good set of abs any day).

Drag Race: what a bloody shout.

Feelin’ your shame bro.

If I did shots off your chest, would that be inappropriate?

Who the hell throws away a Starbucks flask?! Fiver right down the drain there.

Yeah babe, i’ll have a bottle of gin and slimline tonic please. Easy on the ice.

No sooner hath you arisen from your den to pop to the loo when a stalky librarian comes along and leaves a passive aggressive note marking your 2 minute absence. Sort it out guys, gal’s gotta wee.

NEWSFLASH: a snapback and nike trackies do not count as formalwear boys.

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