Which Liverpool takeaway suits your mood?

Choosing a takeaway is emotional. Whether you’re feeling angry, upset or just plain hungover, let us help you find a takeaway to complement how you’re feeling

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Everyone has their favourite takeaway to visit after a night out. However, people don’t often account for the desire for a takeaway that suits a different mood.

What happens for instance if you visit your favoured takeaway but are feeling a bit off and can’t enjoy the full splendour of your greasy grub? Here’s how you can avoid these sorts of existential crises in future.

Adventurous – Mr Chilli

Feeling particularly sassy after a night out? Then this Chinese is perfect for you. It stays open until 2am and is located right next to East Village Arts Club and Heebie Jeebies so – after a long night of gurning like a Frankenstienian madman or drinking until you are as wasted as the proverbial white girl – why not pop into Mr Chilli and try something a bit different? Drunken Chinese is definitely all it is cracked up to be.

Definitely wins the award for best named Chinese

Hangin’ – Passion Pizza

Nothing better to sort out your hangover than the goodness of some morning-after fridge pizza. In terms of hangover food, the greasier the better and no pizza is quite as greasy as Passion’s. I mean, even the name “Passion Pizza” has an element of sleaze about it. However, sleazy takeaway chain names aside, Passion Pizza is truly a Godsend to those nursing a hangover Merseyside-wide, and who doesn’t like a bit of meaningless passion of a morning?

Pizza makes people so happy

Decadent – Nabzys

If you feel like treating yourself to something a bit special then you can’t go wrong with Nabzys. From their lip-smackingly tasty popcorn chicken, their tastebud-tantalising Tex Mex pizza, and their world-famous red salt-drenched chips, almost every item on their menu is a heavenly taste sensation. They are also one of the only takeaways in Liverpool whose food tastes just as good sober as it does drunk. Go on, treat yourself. Grab a Nabzys.

A classic Nabzys order in all its glory.

Pissed Off – Zains

There is truly no better way to deal with your anger at the world than turning it inwards. With that in mind, why not try channelling that inwardly focused rage into something positive like eating a shit ton of spicy food. Truly there is no better place for hot food than Zains, where their range of ring-stingingly hot curries (Jalfrezi, Ceylon and Vindaloo) will more than fulfil your masochistic desires.

Uni problems got you wanting a release? Grab a curry, a hot one at that

Upset – Carlitos

Exam stress got you down? Relationship issues getting to you? Homesickness setting in? Everyone knows that the key to a successful recovery from your woes is greasy grub and nothing quite says comfort eating like 4 pizzas for £10. The low price ensures you can get more bang for your buck (perfect for students) and the 0 star hygiene rating adds that extra element of risk to heighten your eating experience.

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