No one is ready to leave uni after three years

Can’t wait to finish uni? Sadly for most of us this could not be further from the truth.

graduation third year uni

So you’ve made it. Three years at university are nearly over and you can walk away, degree certificate in hand, with a smile on your face and the wind in your hair, ready to conquer the job market and live life to the full.

Or…perhaps there’s a slight chance that the end of uni means unemployment, debt and living at home.

How every third year feels

University is marketed as the best time of your life and for many it really is. If you’re lucky enough to go to uni, you are essentially living the life of Riley with absolutely no responsibility, theoretically studying something you’re interested in … and partying with your mates.

It’s a no-brainer, why would anyone be excited to leave?!

First year doesn’t count, second year does count – but you don’t take it seriously – then third year you freak out at the unbearable reality that it will all be over soon; you’ve got to make the most of it with the added delight of a mountain of work to do.

Most time at uni consists of exclaiming with dread at how fast it’s gone and what precious time you’ve got left.

‘Do I actually know anything at all?’

No more midnight takeaways, house parties will be a thing of the past and the glory of living in a student house will be forever a memory.

Uni is too good to want to leave and enter normal life. The horror of realising that you can no longer class yourself as a student but ‘unemployed’ is almost too much to bear.

It’s no longer socially acceptable to get a takeaway at 3am when you haven’t gone on a night out

Of course there are things you certainly won’t miss… all-nighters in the library and having no money for decent food, to name but a few, yet graduation day will see multiple tears streaming down the face of the best of us.

I suppose I could say that we’re lucky we even got to go to uni and have all this jolly-ness…

No I’m just pretty pissed off that it’s all ending so quickly.

Booking graduation and buying a gown will be extremely depressing because it’s the end of an era – yes, three years counts as an era – as none of us are ready to be flung into the real world just yet.

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