How to dress like your chick flick heroine

We may not have bagged ourselves an Aaron Samuels or Danny Zuko but that’s no reason to ditch our chick flick inspired past. Here’s our guide to the ultimate chick wardrobe. (No army pants or flip-flops involved).

chick flicks clueless fashion grease legally blonde mean girls

Legally Blonde. Clueless. Grease. Mean Girls. All top contenders in everyone’s favourite chick flicks, are we right? But alongside their predictable story lines and dreamy male leads, all four are also notorious for their iconic fashion statements.

The Tab sent out two of our fashion queens to recreate some of the most recognisable looks available on the high street at affordable prices that no true fan could refuse!

Legally Blonde

For reinventing the classic Elle Woods ensemble, Topshop provided a great selection of matching blazer and skirt combinations- ideal for any blonde ‘fashionista’ wanting to be taken seriously.

Unfortunately Topshop refused to let our Chihuahua into the dressing room


Next up Clueless, was it not every 90s girl’s dream to possess the wardrobes of Cher and Dionne?  Well THANKFULLY the high street have provided us with just the right amount of teenage nostalgia- taking us back to school.

River Island’s answer to the iconic Queen Cher outfit

Topshop’s tartan skort and sporty cropped tee also provided an updated preppy style reminiscent of Dionne’s fashion classics.


Likewise, American Apparel did not disappoint with a range of skater skirts and cropped jeans imitating the characteristic 1950s Grease fashion – perfect for relaxing on those “Summer Nights”.

BUT we could not possibly forget the famous Sandy outfit, which would get anyone’s “chills multiplying!” We teamed up the popular Disco Pants with an off the shoulder black crop top.


truly electrifying

Mean Girls

And finally, our personal favourite, Mean Girls. New Look offered us a perfect Regina George look with this top and skirt combo- an outfit that would make any girl look “so fetch!” We did however politely decline the army pants and flip flops.

On Wednesdays we wear pink

So really there is only one option right now. Lets jump in our pink soft top cars, drop the roof and tell the nearest pedestrian to GET IN LOSER, WE’RE GOING SHOPPING.


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