Snogs and thongs: What underwear should you be wearing for your relationship?

You need different underwear for different relationships

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Underwear can describe your darker side, or it can label you lazy.

Whether you’ve been together for three years or you’ve been fooling around with someone for three months, we tell you whether you should be donning a thong or a frenchie.

The one night stand


You’re young and free, maybe you split with your partner a few months ago. Your aim of the night is to see if you can find someone fitter than your flatmate/wingwoman can.  It will probably make you miss your ex even more after spending the night with some sweaty student who stinks of vodquads.

Let’s be honest, it probably won’t make a difference what you wear.

FWB (Friends with Benefits)

Sex friends

Sex friends

They invited you round to “watch a film”.  Could you tell me how it ended?  I thought not.

This one you can have fun with, you’re never going to meet their parents, so tastefully you can experiment all things fun and fancy.


Okay, so this one likes you, they don’t want to watch a film with you, they want to actually get to know you, spoil you and you want to slowly show them how classy you are.  White is right in such cases.

Official, but for less than 5 months

Less than five months is perfect for this

You’re in the honeymoon phase.  Whatever you wear they are going to want to rip it off you, but you want to ensure they remember so you reach the next stage (of the relationship, that is).

Long term relationship

Three years +

There is no excuse for wearing granny pants every day. If I can still find lace leotards in my mums bedroom at 50, you should definitely make your underwear as important as your outerwear.



All the single ladies!  Go head’ girl and crack on what the fuck you like.

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