Speakeasy: bringing the roaring ’20s to the Kazimier

Bored with the same old student nights? Maybe it’s not the wrong places you’re choosing, but the wrong decade…

1920s Fancy dress Kazimier speakeasy

On 15th February, the Kazimier journeyed back to the 1920s to give us a fabulous night of outstanding live music, Capone-esque gangsters and flappers dancing the Charleston. If you haven’t made it to a Speakeasy event yet, here’s what to expect…

The Music

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Home to many of Liverpool’s house music nights, the Kazimier has out done itself with this sassy take on the infamous Jazz Age of the ’20s. The variety of top quality acts was incredible, creating a festival-like atmosphere.

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London based band Tankus the Henge blew the crowd away with an enthusiastic blend of jazz, funk, ragtime and gypsy punk. During the performance eccentric frontman Jaz Delorean, dressed in a bright orange suit, danced on top of the piano while his top hat set alight. His stage presence was undeniably roaring.

The Clothes

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Whether people went all out head-to-toe with ’20s clobber or accessorized with a trilby or some silk gloves, everyone looked amazing. The boys especially seemed to jump at the chance of donning gangster hats and dapper braces.

The Dancing

AB Photography

AB Photography

The truly electric atmosphere uncovered an energy in people unbeknown to themselves. From the moment you stepped into the Kaz you couldn’t help but dance the Charleston as each act played an infectious ’20s rhythm.

For one night we caught a glimpse of the roaring twenties.

Couldn’t you have told us about this a few weeks ago I hear you say? Yeah, well, sorry… But not to worry, there’s another Speakeasy on the 26th April. Don’t miss it – it’s the last one of 2014!