Posh Nosh: Fish Finger Sandwich

Take a fancy twist on the old student classic and make you fish-finger sarnie into a fabulous meal

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I’m a firm believer in the phrase ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, but there are exceptions to every rule, and this is one of them. Leave the white bread and ketchup in the cupboard and say hello to ciabatta, pesto and the perennial student favourite: mayonnaise.

All prices are from Asda.

You will need:

  • Three fish fingers (45p, £3/20)
  • A dollop of mayonnaise (5p, £1/270g)
  • A generous spoon of pesto (10p, £2.18/190g)
  • One ciabatta roll (40p, 80p/2)

Total cost: £1. Cheaper than a filet-of-fish!

1. Fry, grill or bake your fish fingers until cooked. I’d check the instructions on the packet but they usually take about 15 minutes at 180°C. Alternatively, you can do away with the fish fingers and use a fillet of white fish which you will also need to cook (I would suggest grilling it).

2. When the fish fingers are about 5 minutes from being ready, slice your ciabatta roll lengthways and place in the oven to warm up.

3. When the roll is warm and crunchy, remove it from the oven.

4. Spread one side of the roll with a generous dollop of mayo and a heaped teaspoon of pesto. Obviously you can adjust the amounts to suit you, but since you’re a student, you’re going to smother it in mayo anyway.

5. When the fish fingers are cooked, place inside the ciabatta slices and eat. A plate is optional but highly recommended.