Why Valentine’s Day is so not worth it

Yes it’s that time of year again, a night to either spend with your loved one or drown your sorrows. It’s a ridiculous tradition which has stood the test of time and yet grows more fake with every red rose sold.

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that Valentine’s Day is a load of crap. It’s the one day of the year when people are meant to show their partner they care, but shouldn’t this be a constant thing rather than making an effort on one day of the year?

As a child you always anticipated to wake up to an onslaught of cards from the postman, confirming your suspicions that you had a lot of admirers but they’re all just really, really shy. Of course this was never the case, but the card part of Valentine’s Day is not actually the worst bit. In a way it’s quite cute, an innocent avenue to let someone know they’re liked. But the rest of the day is a total waste of time and is a trap couples all too easily fall into. Your anniversary is the day you should celebrate as a couple because it’s personal to you.

Valentine’s Day is a load of commercial trollop aimed at pressurising couples into conforming to the Valentine’s stereotype.

As soon as New Year is out the way, Valentine’s Day is thrown in our faces. Red becomes the colour of every shop window display and restaurant in sight. Town is filled with the stereotypical Valentine’s gifts of roses and heart shaped chocolates.

“Oh my God he’s given me heart shaped chocolates, he must love me then.”

Never has there been a day when unoriginality has been so highly praised. Restaurant bookings go through the roof and florists have an onslaught of middle aged men buying ready-made bouquets to show their undying love.

If such insufferable advertising wasn’t enough, then the Valentine’s couples who appear from the shadows make the day even more unbearable. Yes you’re in a happy co-dependant relationship, but we don’t all need to see it. What are you trying to prove by holding hands around town with a teddy bear in one arm and a ‘I love you’ balloon in the other? Of course as a couple you want to adhere to the stereotype and have a nice Valentine’s Day, but it should be in private and not something for others to behold. There’s no need to go all Romeo and Juliet on us.

If you’re single don’t let Valentine’s Day be a reminder that you’re alone, be thankful there’s no pressure to adhere to the stereotype. Don’t be depressed, the day itself means nothing, there’s no public holiday and no one really looks forward to it. You’re single for however many other days of the year anyway, Valentine’s is no different. There’s nothing wrong with being single (yes I’m single, bitter and twisted) so Valentine’s is just another day in the calendar year with the added bonus of being a less expensive day for singletons.

Perhaps the most awkward part of Valentine’s is for those who have just started seeing each other and haven’t even become Facebook official. What do you get someone you’ve only been seeing for a few weeks? Valentine’s adds a ridiculous amount of pressure on new couples which amounts in unnecessary awkwardness for all involved.

It is a day for the unimaginative to impress their partners with copious amounts of commercial drivel. It’s overhyped, overpriced and predictable. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. 

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