Chesters is the best takeaway, end of

It’s the crème de la crème of takeaways

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We’ve all been there – you’ve danced the night away, it’s 4am and there is one thing and one thing only on your mind: food.

Never has the desire for food been greater than after a night out. So pre-order your taxis now because the place of your wildest takeaway dreams is waiting.

As a fresher, Carlito’s was your main choice of late night cuisine. Even now third years lament the good times of ordering a Student Special – Carnatic Halls alone must have represented half of their business.

But Carlitos just isn’t the same after first year: you’ve matured, you’ve moved on. You’ve heard of Chesters through the grapevine and once you’ve tasted it, no takeaway is anything in comparison.

There are two Chesters to choose from, one slap bang in the middle of Smithdown and the other in town near Lime Street. Both are equally good so choose your preferred location and run with it.

The Smithdown one always has a good atmosphere, full of students eagerly anticipating their order so you will definitely bump into someone you know and have a good natter.

In fact the atmosphere is so good you should skip the night out altogether, have pre drinks then all head to Chesters. Forget town and save on the taxi fare.

It’s so cheap, as well. You can get a seven inch pizza with three toppings, fries (with red salt) and a drink for £2.49.

And it doesn’t stop there, the menu is filled with heavenly deals on all the perfect culinary delights you need after a night out. Its slogan, Great Tasting Chicken, actually lives up to its name.

The other great thing: it’s always open. Never have I come back from a night out and Chesters hasn’t been there waiting for me with open arms.

Importantly, the staff are always really friendly come rain or shine, despite having to deal with annoying drunk people every night.

While you wait for your meal you have a good laugh with the staff who are polite enough to laugh at your hilarious drunk jokes and funny stories from the night which you just have to share. There’s a special bond formed in Chesters which you don’t get anywhere else.

Now for the deal clincher: the food is actually edible sober. Astounding as it may seem, but Chesters is one of those rare places where the food is cheap but the quality doesn’t suffer. You don’t have to be drunk to enjoy it, which is basically the highest praise you can give a late night takeaway.

If you don’t believe me try it because once you get Chesters you never go back.

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