Student housing: how to have the time of your life

Hesitating to sign a contract? Freshers, worry no longer, we’ve got some crucial advice on how to make your first student house your best ever.

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The move from the comfort of your halls into a student house with a  funny smell and loads of damp is a rather daunting thought.

But little do you know how student houses are actually the best kinds of houses.

Flying the nest

Student houses, they’re the best!

If, like my father, one of your parents has been diagnosed with the unfortunate condition of cleanliness OCD, then you may have been sporting a rather large grimace when you were ushered round your prospective new home. Let’s be honest, damp is as commonplace in a student house as notches on the bed posts. But, once you look past the aesthetics, your dilapidated dwelling can soon become a comfortable haven; a new home away from your childhood nest.

Coffee and TV

A not so impressive beer bottle collection (gimme a break, it was recycling day)

If you can cope without the numerous life lines your mum provided you, living in a student house can be the pinnacle of the rest of your independent life. Clearly, there are the obvious reasons why: the impressive collection of beer bottles you can acquire, the allowance of swearing in general conversation and  being able to put your feet on the furniture with your Nescafe and Countdown!

Listen up first years

Because anything is homelier than halls

As you young’uns look for a house for next year, you’ll surely be inundated with many pieces of ‘sensible’ advice from parents and adults alike: a waggle of the finger coupled with instructions such as “make sure it’s on a bus route” screeched at you. Now is the time, first years, that we offer you an oasis, a haven away from the responsible, a pool of relevant advice on what makes the perfect student house that doesn’t just involve the pretty green stuff.


Some of my lovely housemates; my brothers and sisters

Choose your housemates carefully. Make sure you choose people you are comfortable with, with whom you can form a family. There’s nothing worse than coming home from a hard day at uni and not being able to watch Corrie in your pants. But most of all fledglings, treat your housemates like siblings. Nothing is more awkward than inter-house relationships.

The local

My local. The scaffolding adds character.

In all fairness, much of your time won’t be spent in your new student house, but two doors down at your local boozer. So make sure it’s a good one! Try before you buy is an age old saying, and it’s never been more relevant than this situation. Visit the house then the pub, get a feel for its atmosphere. The quality of the local should be a huge part of your decision.


You can ignore the sink when you’ve got your own live band at your party

Turning 18 spelt the end of house parties for you, but how times have changed. Having your own pad means there will be parties galore so consider this when you choose one. Look for qualities like a large living room, wooden floors and maybe even a yard for the summer!

Living in a student house will be immense no matter how faded the curtains are or how overflowing the sink is. Don’t become your clean freak dad.

But do remember our advice, and you’ll never want to move out.

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