5 tips for getting a date on Tinder

Still haven’t heard of Tinder? It’s a free, simple and convenient way to find a date. And it eliminates the creep factor. Bonus!

Tinder is a dating app with a difference.

It essentially finds you matches based on your interests, and allows you to scroll through photos of potential dates in your area. Once you’ve ‘liked’ someone, you’re notified if/when they ‘like’ you back.

The brilliant difference is that you don’t know whether you’ve been liked or rejected, resulting in minimal humiliation.

If you’re a new user or you just don’t seem to be having much luck finding a date/lay, then follow these five top tips…

1. Don’t risk the careless slide.

It’s very tempting to slide instead of using the crosses and ticks – there’s evidently a lot of shit to sift through… But, if you’re not a tech-pro it’s easy to get confused. So, don’t get into the habit of swiping too early on. Remember your mistakes are totally irreparable! So if you start getting contacted by old men with two kids and sizeable moobs, don’t go accusing your housemates, it’s probably your wrong-doing.

Think before you slide!


‘Hi I’m Will, and there’s nothing I appreciate more than natural beauty.’

2. Don’t tinder for more than 20 minutes at a time.

Long tinder splurges can give you beer goggles without a drop of alcohol passing your lips. It seems that, despite their cringe-worthy chat up lines, people you would have rejected in an instant in the first 1-10 minutes become solid candidates for love in the desperation of the twentieth.

Who in their right mind would go out with this wanker?

3. Don’t be fooled by the hot friend in the profile pic.

Check who you’re talking to early on to avoid disappointment. If their pictures are mostly group shots, 90% of the time your match is the less hot one. Also, keep in mind that this can work both ways. Never have someone fitter than you in your photo – there’s no need to bring attention to the competition.

4. Recognise when someone has lost interest in you and move on!

Painfully blunt replies (or being ignored altogether) are a clear cut sign that they’ve decided they don’t fancy you anymore. Or, their friend drunkenly swiped your face for a joke. But don’t let it get to you, you’re wasting valuable swiping time!

Rejection is brutal. But, don’t worry, you’ll soon find love at first swipe.

5. Don’t flirt for more than a week without meeting up.

Don’t turn your potential romance into a pen pal. This is the point at which it gets weird. You’ve bantered: you’ve asked them where they’re from and what course they do. Now go on a date, or stop communication altogether.

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