You’ll never get anything done if you revise in the library

That central heating for one

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The library should be your saving grace, an inner sanctum where you can work in a quiet, peaceful place, with no distractions and an endless number of academic resources. Well that’s the idea anyway.

You’re up to your eyeballs in work and think the library is the answer to make all those essays, conveniently in for the same day, seem more doable – but you you’re wrong.

Your first gruelling task: finding a computer. You go, inspired to work then the quest to find a computer takes over. In the time it takes you to complete it, you’re completely demotivated, so spend the next two hours on Facebook and “finding the books you’ll read later”. The library is not Wimbledon, you shouldn’t have to camp outside to get a seat.

When you do eventually find a computer, you then follow a pattern of procrastination: sit down, log on, log onto Facebook, check your emails, log back onto Facebook, open Vital, go back onto Facebook, and by the time an hour has gone by, all you have done is found out useless trivia about ridiculous people you knew from junior school.

Revising hard for that Facebook exam

Now you finally accept it’s time to work and so look up some books to find. It says on the computer it’s available, you go to the shelf and…the computer is lying, it is definitely not available. It’s magically vanished and you’re stuck three days before your essay is due without any books.

The heating is no consolation to this despair. When oh when are they going to get the heating levels right in the Sydney Jones?

The Grove Wing is like the Arctic, but then you walk into the staircase and enter some sort of tropical rainforest. You already don’t want to have to go to the library, but let’s not throw having to dress for the occasion into the mix. Suddenly you have to become a girl guide, prepared for every eventuality as the alternative is boiling or freezing to death.

Less coffee more work please

A library is supposed to have the promise of silence, providing the perfect conditions for work. Yet never has anyone’s breathing, grunting, sighing, vicious typing, eating or not so quiet whispering been more annoying. Not to mention it’s full of first years – if any first year is seen in the library they should be told to go home and free up some computers for people with actual work to do. In fact, first years should be banned from the library full stop, they only have to pass, chill out.

All of the above provide the ultimate distraction until you build yourself up into such an irritated frenzy you have to leave the library altogether.

Obligatory snacks

Going to the library lulls you into the false sense of security you have actually done some work, when in fact, you’ve exhausted refreshing your newsfeed, read the same page of an article 100 times, and been infuriated by every single person around you. Save yourself the agro because ain’t nobody got time for that.

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