Tis the Season for… The Party Dress

We trawled the high street to bring you this season’s best dresses.

#dressmas Christmas part dresses

The party season is upon us, and as the annual celebrations commence, undoubtedly the annual panic does too: what on earth am I going to wear?!

You don’t want to turn up in the same old crap you wear all the time – there’s way too much photographic evidence for that game. So, The Tab is here to provide the best pick of dresses on the high street for the festive period, from the cheap and chic to the ‘treat-yourself, it’ll-never-go-out-of-style’ pieces.

Trust us, summing up why you need the dress and justifying a new purchase as you head to the till works every time…


Primark, £17

The floatiness of the dress looks really cute, and is great for hiding that bulge after you’ve attacked the buffet.


For a tenner in Primark this is a bloody good bargain



Topshop, £80

This is a real statement dress and investment, and the A-line skirt is classic.


Reduced to £18 in Toshop so there’s really no excuse

This dress is perfect dressed up with statement jewellery, or dressed down in the day. (See, the ‘justifying your purchase’ approach really does work.)

Topshop also have 30% off party wear at the moment – the perfect excuse!


Bloody love a good t shirt

This is a great t-shirt dress, the colours will suit everyone: the perfect dress to chuck on for a last minute night out. River Island, £80


River Island, £45

The classic combo of black and white and a futuristic print.



Looking like Cruella, feeling like a right pillock

Skirt, £30, River Island
Fur Collar, £25, River Island

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