BREAKING NEWS: A group of students have occupied 1 Abercromby Square as part of today’s strike

A group of students have occupied the building at 1 Abercromby Square as part of the December 3 strikes over staff pay.

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UPDATE 4/12/13, 11:49 – After an “uncomfortable” first night’s sleep in the occupied 1 Abercromby Square, the occupiers have organised a schedule of events for today, with anyone who wants to join the occupation welcome.

The occupiers aren’t saying how many of them there are, but they’ve been getting plenty of support – supplies in the form of food packages, drinks and blankets for the night have been streaming in steadily.

Today's schedule

Today’s schedule

The occupiers have also given a list of their demands:

  • The university recently sent out an email criticising workers for striking, and accusing the unions of lying without giving any evidence. The occupiers demand the uni retract this statement and send out a new email clarifying the situation, which would include the input of the occupiers.
  • They call on university management not to reprimand and UCU workers or students who refuse to cross picket lines today.
  • They demand the university management does not “victimise or penalise” any student or member of staff for taking part in the occupation, or in any other peaceful anti-cuts activism.

Stressing the peaceful nature of the occupation, and their intention to reform education, not disrupt it, they say the occupation will continue until the demands are met.

Read more about the occupation on their blog.

UPDATE 15:23 – Oops, turns out the strikers are not RevSoc – and they insist all the staff were treated courteously.


UPDATE 14:20 – Turns out the occupiers are members of Liverpool Revolutionary Socialists, and there’s 15 of them.



The Abercromby Square occupation, home to the Institute of Irish studies, began just after 1PM, as the students went into the building and put up signs declaring the occupation.

The group of occupiers then unfurled a banner from the side of the building, reading “University is a Factory : Organise, Occupy, Strike”.

Some University staff are still inside the building. We can’t imagine the conversation between the non-striking staff and the occupiers is particularly friendly…

The students declare their occupation

The students declare their occupation

SROs Sam Butler and James Coe were seen outside the building, which is next door to the Guild – but given the short duration of the occupation at the time, they couldn’t provide any information.

The not so dramatic scene at the occupied 1 Abercromby Square

The not so dramatic scene at the occupied 1 Abercromby Square

At the moment we’re not sure exactly who the occupiers are, what they want, or how long they intend to stay – but expect more information as we get it.

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