Liverpool vs JMU

One is renowned as a world leading University and the other…well, no one quite knows what it’s renowned for, but it’s got a really nice library.

The battle of Liverpool’s leading universities is a fierce rivalry fought out since the dawn of time with, let’s face it, Uni Of students thinking they are the top dog.

The infamous question of ‘which uni do you go to?’ to which all students in the city immediately reply ‘Liverpool’ – quickly followed by ‘Uni of!’ from Liverpool students, and silence from those from JMU.

Now we all know that Uni Of is better (sorry JMU). Let’s not pretend otherwise and call JMU a top university. However, academia aside, Uni is Uni and just because you got better A-levels it doesn’t make your Uni experience any better.

Here at The Tab we’ve decided to conduct a survey based on the following very important criteria:

1.Who has the nicer campus?

Liverpool does boast the historic Abercromby Square but is this counteracted by the monstrosity that is the Guild. Granted it’s getting re-done which not so many of us will be able to enjoy when we’ve graduated before it’s finished.

However, JMU is spread out all over the city rather than all being on one campus like Liverpool.

1-0 to Liverpool

2.Who’s better at sport?

Sadly for JMU according to BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport) Liverpool ranks 40 places above them in the League tables. Come on JMU, step up and make it more interesting.

2-0 to Liverpool

3.Who has the best socials?

Well firstly JMU has a two week freshers so instantly has beaten Liverpool’s measly one week of freshers madness. Secondly JMU Union beats the Guild hands down for freshers events and general nights out or simply as a place to socialise – school detention night out, really?

2-1 to Liverpool

4.Who has the better societies?

Both host a variety of societies that each have their own equally crazy socials not to be missed, as the latest in a long line of emails and facebook notifications enthusiastically state.

JMU definitely has the wackiest with ‘Raveminton’ – a fusion of your classic game of badminton with a glow in the dark UV element thrown in, and obviously a popular choice for many students. Purely for creativity JMU wins this one.

Yep, Raveminton is a real thing. Hats off to JMU.


The verdict?

Well there you have it, the very scientific study to determine who is best. It’s ended as a draw but if we add the fact that Liverpool gives you a better degree then it’s pretty clear who’s the best. Don’t feel too bad JMU, you still have one thing in common with Liverpool.

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