Battle of the Halls

Our essential guide to which halls are best.

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It’s stereotypically pinned as the place where you make friends for life and ‘partay’ til dawn. But your halls also define you, for better or for worse.

It’s unavoidable if you’re at Carnatic the first thoughts which spring to mind is that you live like this:

And for the toffs at Vine Court this stereotype is just as unavoidable:

The three main halls at Liverpool, Carnatic, Greenbank and Vine Court, have formed part of your very soul by the end of Fresher’s week.  But which one is best?

Carnatic #partayhalls


Most likely to: graduate with a first from the university of life.

If you’re looking for cheap accommodation with prison cells for rooms and parties all night then this is the place for you. Plus it’s catered- hallelujah! But you will probably almost always miss breakfast.

You’re crammed in (there are 22 people to a floor in Rankin) but this could be a bonus because there’s always someone around.

However, you do have to buy the dreaded buss pass and face the agonizing wait in the rain whilst the 699 drivers sit comfortably on the cosy bus on their break. The reluctance as you say goodbye to £320 is something the majority of Carni students have to face.

Price: £124.60 per week.

Greenbank- a better Carnatic

Why you’re likely to be bitter: you were top toffs on campus until Vine Court stole your thunder and now you’re sort of stuck in the middle.

It’s the place where most people apply; a mix between Carnatic and halls in town. It’s not as skanky as Carnatic with bigger rooms, better views and less people on a corridor.

Here you can opt for catered or self-catered, whatever floats your boat. Again the dreaded bus pass is an unfortunate necessity. Sadly for Greenbank goers they usually have a longer wait for the 699 as Carnatic tends to fill up the first buses early in the morning.

It does boast amazing views. They have a lake for crying out loud.

And don’t forget the gym.

Price: ranges between £90.30 and £140.70.

Vine Court, darling

What it says about you: I’m posh and I know it and I’m desperately trying to own it.

If you’re looking for quiet then this is the place to be.

The newest halls boasts en-suite facilities, double beds and even couches. Say goodbye to 10 people squashing into one bed to watch the latest rendition of TOWIE.

A bus pass? No need, you can roll out of bed straight into lectures and with a Tesco right next door you can pick up breakfast on the way. Plus you’re so close to campus you can always be the first in the library around exam time and win the fight for the sought after computers.

Price: ranges from £130.90 to £183.05 per week depending on whether you’re catered or self-catered.

So there you have it, the crème de la crème of Liverpool Halls. We all have our favourite, what’s yours?

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