VOTE NOW: Liverpool’s Worst Night Out

Come on, everyone has their favourite dive in Liverpool.

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Liverpool may be one of the country’s BEST cities for nightlife, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our fair share of dives we love to hate.

We’ve all had that night when we wished we’d never even bothered venturing into that shithole of a club (especially if Liverpool stayed true to form and drenched us in the queue).

From the grubby to grungy, now’s your chance to decide Liverpool’s worst night out.

#1 Envi

Ever woken up in the morning with an Envi stamp? There’s a good reason why we’d rather pretend we passed out and went home early than admit we ventured into Envi.

Point proven.

It may still be open when you’ve been hurled out of everywhere else but that does not excuse you dancing in the middle of the dancefloor, ALONE, whilst some horny lad who hasn’t quite managed to pull yet checks out your drunkenness.

All the same, it’s definitely NOT okay to ever pull a wreck of a girl dancing alone in Envi. You can do far better.


You don’t remember being there and if you do then you definitely shouldn’t have been there.  Does anyone even know where this club is?!

Help! Let us out!!

#3 Baa Bar

One mention of hitting up the sausage fest that is Baa Bar and you can instantly kill a pres.

The shots may be £1 but that doesn’t make up for the awkward freshers thinking they’re Hugh Heffner.

#4 Faculty

At some point during your night here you will definitely:

  • have a drink spilt on you/spill your drink whilst trying to make room on the dancefloor
  • go for a piss and realise there’s no loo roll (Tab Tip: bring your own)
  • get all hot and sweaty because air con doesn’t seem to exist

You also risk falling down the stairs on the way to the loo because you’re so bevved on quad vods.

Just look at that toilet floor.

#5 Hippy Chick

It’s never socially accetable to go here.  If someone suggests you should, tell them to GO HOME.

#6 La’go

Tempting because it’s right opposite Heebies and there’s never a queue, but it always seems to be half full of people attempting the twist and the carlton.  It’s Liverpool on a Friday night, not Strictly.

#7 Popworld

Even for the biggest 90’s geek going, there is such a thing as too much cheese.  Popular with Liverpool’s Irish population, you’ll be swung round in all sorts of ways here.  Although they do give you toast when it shuts.

What every drunk student craves

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