WANTED: The Next LivUniLad

The guys behind the controversial LivUniLad have graduated and are looking for UoL’s next geezer to take on their Twitter sensation.

LivUniLad sydney jones library twitter

The lads behind the infamous Twitter sensation, @LivUniLad, are now seeking UoL’s next big geezer to step up and fill their boots.

Famous for making every girl uncomfortable in the SJ, the masterminds behind the ‘Books, Birds & Banter’ account are now looking to pass their legacy on as they move onto bigger and better things.

Notorious for their crude sense of humour and witty remarks, the lads have come out with crackers such as:

livunilad 1

livunilad 2

livunilad 3

And now they need YOU to take over the account and keep up the good name of LivUniLad.

The legends behind the account, Will Wall, Matthew Edwards, Alex Welsby and Jacob Smith, are encouraging any #toplads to apply for the prestigious position of pro bird watcher.

They’re looking for someone who has:

  • good bird watching skills
  • excellent piss taking abilities
  • no links to the football or rugby team
  • an eye for talent scouting
  • an all round lad

Send a short email with a few reasons why you should take on their role to [email protected]

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