7 Unusual Ways to Keep Your Bills Down at Uni

You can’t say we don’t like to help you. The Tab lets you in on a few secrets to keeping those bills down.

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Stretching that student loan is probably one of the most painstaking tasks a student must go through in their first term of uni.

Unless you’re tucked up in precious halls or decided to splash out on bills included, you’re also probably going to have to fork out for some hefty bills to those fat cat energy companies, and nobody wants that.

So to help you fight the pinch The Tab has devised a series of strategies to stick it to the man and keep those bills down.

1. Share Water

Spencer and Jamie have the right idea.

We all love a good bath don’t we? So why not share the love and let a few mates join you in the tub. It will save money on the hot water and ensures that the evening bathe can be enjoyed by all. The more bubbles the better.

2. Wash your clothes in the bath

A long soak in the tub has been proven to be almost as good as a washing machine.

Don’t even think about using a tumble dryer.

Thought that shared bath water couldn’t possibly have another use? Think again. Pour in some detergent, chuck your clothes in, give them a stir then leave them to soak. While some people might think this is ‘disgusting’ it will save money on gas, electricity and water. Put your thinking caps on people.

3. Keep the oven open

Keep toasty on those cold lonely nights…

Unsurprisingly, an oven still pumps out a fair amount of heat even after you turn it off. Once you’ve finished cooking your grub on those wintery nights, keep those oven doors open and it will keep the house toasty all night long.

4. Cling film plate technique


Your life will never be the same again

A dish washer uses a lot of water, electricity, etc., so why not it sack it off and start cling filming your plates. No more hot water and no more washing up. It’s a win, win.

Note: Blunt eating utensils are advised.

5. Charge electronics at Uni

A multi-plug is advised for maximum usage.

Most of us are now paying a whopping £9000 a year to go to Uni. So why not make the most of it and charge your phones/tablets/laptops on campus? There’s hundreds of power points all over the library so get more value for your money and start charging.

6. Put a beer jacket on

The beer jacket being worked to perfection.

No one likes to feel the chill in their own home. So why not sink a few pints and let that familiar numbness sink in. £3.55 Tesco Biere D’or 10 pack is highly recommended for an economically efficient intoxication.

7. Do it with the lights off

That’s the spirit.

Right, I’m not asking you to start navigating the house in night vision goggles but lights aren’t necessary for every task. Things like watching TV, cooking, washing your clothes in the bath etc. can easily be done with the lights off. Top tips: making the most of moon light and ‘carrot loading’ for improved vision are recommended here.

Now who says you can’t save money and have a good time.

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