15 hilarious ways you know you’re in Liverpool

Got a lorra’ love for Liverpool? The Tab shows you why Liverpool is, hands down, the funniest place to live.

Liverpool: the land of bad tans, shell-suit clad Scousers and adverse weather conditions.

You’re probably used to the girls wandering around in rollers, but to truly grasp the best of the Northern like-it-or-lump-it attitude, The Tab has found you some examples of why we love a Liverpool laugh…

#1 The unwavering loyalty to home: 

#2 Knowing that, at some point, you will have to dance in the Williamson Square Fountains:


#3 Wearing these tags as a fashion accessory:

On the bus


At the races…

#4 This pigeon:

#5 The ink masterpieces Scousers show off in homage to Liverpool FC:

#6 Prioritising Christmas over the children in Birkenhead:

#7 This inspired idea:

Couldn’t hurt if you’re waiting on the 699

#8 The work ethic we endeavour to apply to our degrees:

Only in Bootle

#9 Looking forward to the dancing man in Liverpool ONE:


#10 This controversial Paddy Power ad:

#11 Scouse-themed decor:

#12 This determination to go to med and maintain your ‘do:

#13 This van:

#14 The Duckmarine that sank:

again, and again, and again.

#15 This picture-perfect moment:

One of the best things about the North is the humour – you’ll get a rude awakening in Liverpool if you take yourself too seriously.

Don’t be a wool, let us know if you’ve got anything funnier…

If you can’t find some cheeky snaps like this just by hopping on the 86, “The Original Scouse Memes” Facebook page is always keeping an eye out.

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