And The Winner Is….

The Tab talks to Soho Riots, winners of the Merseyrail Sound Station Festival

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Last Saturday Moorfields station switched from trainspotting to talent-spotting as it hosted the final of the Merseyrail Sound Station Festival.

Our favourite University of Liverpool local lads Soho Riots left triumphant, bagging a year’s worth of management and recording time with a former Factory records producer. Factory Records were responsible for acts such as New Order and Joy Division, so it is no small prize.

With over 100 entrants, Soho Riots are “really happy to have come out on top.”

It appears their fame starts here, for the band have had “loads of people getting in touch with [them] saying good things in the aftermath of the win.” They have a strikingly positive and yet un-cocky attitude, as they tell us that “hopefully this is just the start for us.”

In the meantime, Soho Riots have been making a literally home-made video for their new single ‘Sweet Spot’. If you haven’t already seen it, you will not believe that they filmed it all themselves in their living-room with all of that powder-paint being thrown around. You can watch it here:


They band explain: “We did it all ourselves, hired the lighting, bought the powder paint and filmed it in the front room of our house on Smithdown Road.”

But rest assured that they have not yet let the fame go to their head: “The clean-up operation was huge and, to be honest, we’re not entirely sure we’ll get our deposit back from our landlords, but it was worth it.”

You can like Soho Riots here

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