Why Med Is So Worth It

Halloween Med is tonight, and you definitely SHOULD go.

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For some reason there has been much debate over whether med is really worth it… but there really isn’t much to argue.

Yes the entry fee might be a tad expensive but at the end of the day where else is better to go on a Wednesday than Med?! I’m all for a few cocktails at Modo or a cheeky quadvod at Faculty but on a Wednesday it has to be Med.

These kids have got it right. Photographs: Anthony Mooney Photography

These kids have got it right.
Photographs: Anthony Mooney Photography

Only here can you order a bottle of wine from the bar with an optional cup. Although the wine is not the finest thing you’ll ever taste, for £12 you won’t need much else all night.

The fancy dress rivals that of any AU and you know no matter what you wear no one will bat an eyelid: whether that’s a costume or just your own- ahem- personal style. If you are a fan of the fancy dress and there is no event around the corner then Med is the place to go.


Halloween Med is tonight and you know it will not disappoint. With a better turn out of spooky costumes than any other night, Med girls handing out sweets and lollies- even if they do trick you into a naff temporary tattoo- and delicious Halloween theme cocktails, it really is the place to be (we recommend the cocktail with strawberry jam. Sounds odd but the sweetness takes the edge off the vod).

Photo: Dangerousdisco Photography

Photo: Dangerousdisco Photography

For people moaning about queues, get a grip. You have to queue for most decent places, just think of Heebies and Faculty. They might appear big but for a club with such capacity, they move quickly. The queue for the toilet can be avoided by simply going to another one… they have them all over.

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Another reason Med is a classic is because you will always bump into people you know, whether you want to or not. You’ll fail to escape a Med night without either seeing an old friend or an awkward ex.  For better or for worse it’s always a story.

Then there’s another positive of Med: the photographers. Capturing those moments you were too smashed to document yourself and then even aurbrushing them for you, Med photos are always a winner.

Med may not be rated as everyone’s favourite night but many third years admit they will have to go back before they graduate.  Med may not be the best night Liverpool has to offer but it’s deffo a cracker and every now and again you have to go back.  It’s just part of Liverpool life.

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