Five ways to get drunk on a Fiver

Too broke to go out tonight? The Tab teaches you how to get drunk for a fiver.

On a student night, Liverpool never really breaks the bank. The usual budget for me is a tenner.
A fiver is an amount most students can stretch to, and probably less than paying off your library fines.

So here are the Tab’s top tips for getting smashed on £5.

#1 The Ditch Dinner Rule

It’s a well known fact that you get drunk faster on an empty stomach.

Obviously, it’s not the best thing for your body, but let’s be honest you’ll probably throw it up anyway.

What a waste…

#2 The Spirit Rule

Only drink, and mix, spirits. Jagerbombs? Try replacing the red bull with tequila.

If you’re spending any money – make sure its on the dirtiest, cheapest spirit you can find.

Vera’s got me through some hard times.

If you can find any remnants of that Ouzo your friend brought home from Summer… it’s now yours.

Shots are usually £1 in bars – hit up Cava if you have to buy a drink when you’re out.

#3 The Minesweep Rule

The Tab is a fan of this classic trick. Stealing other people’s half empty glasses for yourself.

If somebody asks you to hold their drink – finish it.

Try this at pre drinks as there’s quite a big risk factor of getting spiked…

Caught in the act

But if you’re going to try it in a club, stealth is crucial:

Watch your victim, wait for the opportune moment where they put their drink down, grab and RUN.

If you’re good, this will work wonders. If not, you might get punched.

Tab Tip – Try minesweeping for money too. People always drop change in bars.

Next time you slut drop, keep an eye out for loose change

#4 The Donation Rule

You’re down on your luck.

Now’s the time to remind all of your housemates that they owe you one – whether you held their hair back one time, or bought them a coffee in the SJ.

Take donations of drinks off your friends, resulting in a mega dirty pint.

Begging might have to be an option

Obviously, getting drinks bought for you by strangers is even better.

Look at The Tab’s tips for How Not to Pull, and do the opposite.

#5 The Transport Rule

A Delta home will usually cost you under a fiver, but that’s still a fiver more than The Tab want you to spend.

Make a beeline for your friends’ taxis, (or even a group of strangers’), and pretend  to be too drunk to pay.

One of our favourites is falling asleep until you get to your stop.  Stumble out and never look back.

Try these tips out and let us know how you get on. Got any better ones? Leave us a comment below.

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