Why Med is so not worth it

Overpriced entry, monumental queues, and appalling music. Why does anyone even go to Med?

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It’s hyped as Liverpool’s best student night. This could not be further from the truth. The truth is a dot to you!

You’re a fresher, you’re looking for the best club in town. Somewhere with cheap drinks, good music, loads of students and a great reputation. What wonderful, magical place could possibly offer all those things? NOT MED.

It’s easy to think Med is the best club Liverpool can offer. In first year you see posters around town with the clever pun #mednesdays and so think it’s the place to be. Images of young, good looking students dressed to impress or in some cheeky fancy dress ensemble. Surely this is where you need to go for a good night out? Here is why that is not the case.


Med is the most overpriced club night I have ever been to in Liverpool with an entry fee of £6. Wait £6?! Over a fiver to just get in! Nearly everywhere in Liverpool is free and if not it’s well under a fiver. This is excluding Krazyhouse of course but we should always exclude The K in every respect.  The drink prices don’t even make up for it and are in no way student friendly. Liverpool has so many better FREE options.

Oh wait there’s a light at the end of the tunnel: you can go to Walkabout and get a £5 Med wristband there. The catch? You have to buy a compulsory drink. So it’s not cheaper but you get the privilege of aimlessly waiting in a separate, slightly shorter queue because guess what, loads of people have had the same bright idea as you.

Secondly, the queues. They are about as long and dull as trying to watch Countryfile for one whole hour with your parents – absolute torture. When you finally get inside, the inevitable call for nature occurs so you have to queue again for what feels like hours for disgusting toilets. When you do get past the queuing madness the place itself is MASSIVE which leads to you losing everyone and standing alone, drunk, and at serious risk of crying.

Does the music make it worth it? No. The music is rubbish. It’s belted out across three rooms: cheese (and I mean bad cheese not good cheese), R&B (the best room of a bad bunch) and finally dance, the absolute worst room you could ever go into. Go into this room sober and you will regret it forever…well, for the rest of the night. Music is subjective but not when you’re paying £6 entry.

In second year you have a lapse of judgement and think ‘oh wait it’s not that bad, I’ll give it another go’. Such poor decision making is alike to that of sleeping with an ex or giving Desperate Scousewives another watch. As soon as you see the queue you realise you’ve made a monumental error, back out, back out, oh no can’t you’ve already got the wrist band at Walkabout and paid for the compulsory drink – disaster.

Now you get tattoos… Lest we forget!

By third year you’ve learned the error of your ways. You’ve accepted that Med is rubbish. Wednesday is not Mednesday it’s Wednesday and so long may it reign.

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