We had the worst shots in Ca Va so you don’t have to


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Everyone knows Ca Va’s infamous baked bean tequila shot is not for the faint hearted.

The Tab’s Cristina Criddle and Catherine Reid took to Ca Va on Wood Street to see if the worst flavours were as bad as everyone makes them out to be.

On barmaid’s advice, we lined up the worst shots they had on offer: coffee, mint chocolate, chilli, dandelion and burdock and the dreaded baked bean… complete with salt and lemons, of course.

First up, mint chocolate.

Verdict? Not bad at all, like an alcoholic milkshake.  The lemon didn’t go down too well though.

Rank rating: 1/5

Second, coffee.

Wrongly mistaken for dandelion and burdock, it was awful.  Indescribable taste, far from the standard Starbucks in the SJ.

Rank rating: 4/5

Third, dandelion and burdock.

The Tab were divided on this one. Tastes just like the cordial.

Rank rating: 3/5

Fourth, chilli.

There were seeds in the bottom of the shot glass and our eyes watered just sniffing it.  A shot straight from the pit of hell.

Rank rating: 5/5

Fifth, baked bean.

Gags galore, the texture was actually that of a tin of baked beans.  Only ever buy for your worst enemies or that guy you’re trying to pie off.

Rank rating: off the scale.

And because The Tab will do almost anything for your entertainment, we mixed the remains of all the shots together to make one giant SHIT MIX and attempted to destroy our taste buds once and for all.

Rank rating: clearly some can handle their tequila more than others.

The winner of this challenge is CATHERINE REID. Commiserations to Cristina Criddle.  Poor effort.

Tequila turns The Tab a little worse for wear

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Filmed by Frances Greenfield.