Carnage in Tweets

Fights, face-paint and clowns fucked off their faces … it must be another Carnage.

Carnage visited Liverpool again last night, bringing the expected drunken debauchery to Concert Square.

The theme being circus, we anticipated some freaky antics and we weren’t disappointed.

Covered in face-paint, ripped t-shirts and plenty of booze, students hit twitter with their blurred memories of the night.

Carnage clearly proved too much for this one!


Paraletic students took to the streets (or should I say fell to the streets) in search of a night to not remember.

Casual carnage misogyny …

What a “pants” outfit

For a £10, (the weekly cost of some students’ food shop) you got into clubs, got mutual recognition from other carnage attendees, and got utterly bladdered.

Comical grafitti on the shirts is always compulsory.

Did you get with “Guv the stud”?

Stripey socks do not constitute a circus costume

Some people made more of an effort than others with dressing up, but it’s safe to say if your outfit remained intact, then you didn’t do Carnage right.

Anybody end up with an orange face from this tiger?

Hitting it hard, as always, there were several tweets from this morning reporting students doing the walk of shame in their Carnage tops.

It’s been a messy night when you’re getting the bus home outside a strip club.

The clubs were packed, lectures were missed and Carnage managed to impress us once again.


Carnage sold out, as usual, and being one of the most criticised events for promoting binge drinking – student destruction is almost always a given.

Several police patrolled the area, breaking up fights, helping people home and consoling the kicked out.

The Tab can’t decide why Carnage always results in mayhem – do the matching t-shirts unite us in our drunken horseplay?

Who knows, but the next one is sure to bring much of the same … carnage.

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