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We lurked around campus to bring you the latest totty.

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Ever wondered where all the fit freshers are?

The Tab have wandered the streets of Abercromby Square searching for the sexiest students.

It wasn’t easy, and the freshers seem to be slightly camera shy, so here’s The Tab’s pick of the fittest students on campus…

(Or at least for when you’ve had a few).

Joe Orlowski

Hometown: Hull
Studying: Hispanic and Latin American Studies
Best pick-up line: “Was your Dad a thief? Because he stole the stars and put them in your eyes.”
Pulling Place: Heebies
Blondes or Brunettes? Brunettes

Catherine Macauley

She’s even looking banging on her way to the gym!

Hometown: Belfast
Studying: Dentistry
Best pick-up line: “You must be tired because you’ve been running through my mind all day”
Where do you find fit boys? “Nowhere – literally, nowhere!”
Three Top Turn-ons: Good-looking, well-dressed and fun.

Paul Blakeley

Hometown: Leeds
Studying: Archive and Record Management
Best tips for pulling: “Be honest” – simple and sweet
How many kisses do you send in texts? Three
Blondes or Brunettes? Blondes

Hannah Ekwo

Studying: Psychology
Three Top Turn-ons: Personality, looks and height
Pulling Place: Republik
Where would you go on a first date? Jamie’s Italian – he’s paying!

James Kuhle

Too Kuhle for school

Hometown: California
Studying: History
How he pulls: By pulling amazing moves on the dancefloor.
Where would you go on a first date? “Restaurants are clichéd – I’d go for a nice walk, picnic in hand.”
Three Top Turn-ons: Personality (again), a sense of humour and a cheeky smile.

Grace Tolino

You’ve got to play hard to get to get this girl

Hometown: London
Studying: History and Politics
How she pulls: Giving them the eye and making sure they buy you a drink.
Biggest Turn-off: “Being too needy – I used to have a guy who followed me around all freshers!”
Weak Spot: Eyes

Rob Wright

Hometown: Manchester
Studying: History and Politics
Best pick-up line: “Did it hurt… when you fell from heaven?”
How many kisses do you send in texts? One
Pulling Place: Med
Biggest Turn-off: If they don’t understand my jokes

Catriona Bolger

Finally, a fit fresher!

Hometown: Coventry
Studying: Psychology
Three Top Turn-ons: Intelligence, humour and height.
What would you cook to impress? “I wouldn’t risk it – I’d get a takeaway and pretend I did it!”
Celeb Crush: Harry Styles

Did you make the cut?

The historians have clearly made a win but who knows where all the freshers are hiding!

Don’t lock up yer sons, let them out for next time The Tab are on the prowl.

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