The Tab’s Guide to Liverpool Nightlife

The ultimate low down on where to go each night of the week

Here’s our day by day guide on where the main, and the next best/alternative places to go out are.

Whether it’s a wild one, or a slightly more chilled one – look no further.


Hotspot: The Raz.

Place: The Raz, aka Blue Angel, sits on Seel St.

Price: One of the cheapest places in Liverpool – prices for a pint start at 90p and you’ll rarely pay more than £3 for a drink.

Signature Points: The luminous drinks called Fat Frogs will be all you consume. Two for £4 and nothing extra for making your sick neon green … Yummy. It’s also been voted the best place to pull so try your luck here if you’re not too picky!

Tab Tip: Make sure you’re wearing shoes that can be ruined as the floor is covered in, what is referred to as, Raz Juice. Hit up Primark – everyone has a pair of Raz shoes.

Alternative: Camel.

Place: Wood St.
Price: £1 for some bottles and glasses of wine on a Monday, and only £2 entry.
Signature Points: From the outside it looks tiny but inside it is like Aladdin’s Cave with booths to sit on or a dance floor where students dance shamefully to R ‘n’ B with questionable men.
Great place to go if you want to avoid the queue, or the debauchery, of the Raz.


Main: Bumper.

Place: Hardman Street.
Price: Free entry before 11pm, then it is £4 – but tequila is £1 and vodka mixer is £1.
Signature Points: The only time you will hear the Artic Monkeys and house music in the same place. Two floors of different music and even a cinema room with a pinball machine. So, if you’d rather not dance, pass the popcorn.
Tab Tip: The bar upstairs is never as busy as the main one – Did somebody say Sambuca?


There’s not a lot around on a Tuesday. It’s a bit of a dry night where we all take a breather. I’m sure if you chance it, you will find somewhere, but you might be better off saving yourself for every other night of the week!


Main: Medication.

Place: Wolstenholme Square – you’re best off just getting a taxi as it’s in the middle of nowhere, and be prepared to queue amongst AU louts and scousers alike.
Price: It’s a hefty £6 to get in, less if you’re in AU, but the drinks are cheap and it’s always packed.
Signature Points: If you want to wear fancy dress, go here. If you want to nick somebody’s fancy dress – good luck.
Tab Tip: Be careful on the stairs. You will fall and you will get laughed at by the many thirsty onlookers.

Alternative: Bierkeller.

Place: Thomas Steers Way – Liverpool ONE
Price: Pretty standard prices, but you’ve got a lot of choice.
Signature Points: This place is big on beer and sports. Try beers from 80 different countries, if you can handle it, do it all in one night. The Bavarian bar even gets you jumping on benches with your “stein”.
Tab Tip: Don’t bring your girlfriend here, unless she likes beer and old men.


Main:  Garlands.

Place: Eberle Street – on the edge of “Gay Town”
Price: £5 for students, £10 for everyone else so BRING your student card, even if the photo is hideous.
Signature Points: Props, drag queens on stilts and Jagerhorns. On a Thursday it’s a circus. One of the only places students and scousers will mix; you will bond over the free hats, sunglasses and sweets you get thrown at you.
Tab Tip: Shots are cheap but drinks aren’t – this place will make you pay for water.

Alternative: Juicy!

Place: The Shipping Forecast – Slater Street. (Go here in the daytime too. Great Burgers)
Price: £2 entry to Juicy! In the basement – buy your drinks there as upstairs is pricey.
Signature Points: R. Kelly and Sean Paul. This place has the best music if you like old school hip hop. Mixes from Marvin Gaye to Jay-Z, they do it all.
Tab Tip: Get there early. After half 11 there’s a massive queue and by 12 they’ve closed the doors.


Main: Heebie Jeebies

Place: Seel Street – look for the trashy red LED sign.
Price: FREE ENTRY! Drinks can vary from £2.50 upwards but their cocktails are amazing.
Signature Points: Always busy and always stylish. Okay, maybe not that stylish but the décor is pretty cool (even though that’s not a priority on a night out!). Three floors of classic indie tunes, with the basement offering something a bit grimier. You’ll get a big mix of people here, and will definitely have a good night.
Tab Tip: If you get lost, try the smoking area. Almost everyone is there.

Alternative: Faculty

Place: Slater Street
Price: FREE ENTRY! More of a pre-drink bar, it’s cheap and quite skanky.
Signature Points: Quad-vods, yep that’s exactly what you think it is – 4 shots of vodka and mixer.
Tab Tip: DON’T stay here – it is a dive and, on a Friday, you have your pick of pretty much anywhere else.


Main: Baa Bar

Place: Fleet Street
Price: Free entry and £1 shots.
Signature Points: The People. Great for people-watching, you will see middle-aged men getting a groove on to Gaga. Predictable chart music and always busy – worth a visit if you’re stuck for somewhere to go.
Tab Tip: There’s another one of these by campus if you ever fancy post-lecture drinks (always).

Alternative: The Krazyhouse

Place: Wood St.
Price: £3 entry before midnight and drinks are 241.
Signature Points: The website claims it will be “The best night of your life!”. Might go slightly too far.This is the only place you will have punky headbangers, hipsters and Uni-Lads together – each floor has completely different music and usually a model animal for you to climb on. Krazy…
Tab Tip: Don’t get in a fight with the barmaid – the bouncers are mardy and will ban you indefinitely.


Main: Popworld.

Place: Hanover St.
Price: £2 entry and deals on drinks.
Signature Points: This place will take you back to your childhood – 90’s galore.
S Club 7, Steps and even Disney, be prepared for cheese and a lot of fun.
Tab Tip: Make sure you get your picture taken in the cardboard cut-out of the Spice Girls.

Alternative: Reflex

Place: Bold St.
Price: Standard prices – not too expensive.
Signature Points: Think Pink. Bright cocktails, fake moustaches and a flashing dance floor. This place is tacky and fantastic – if you like listening to ABBA on repeat. Another great place to dress up; it’s always a laugh and a good place to escape from leechy, loud lads.

There are so many places to try out in Liverpool we haven’t even mentioned. Give these a go, but then explore – because if you don’t do it in Fresher’s you’ll just keep going back to the same dreadful nights at Walkabout.

Good Luck.

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