AU Having A Laugh?

Legendary AU night will now be held at Liverpool’s new ‘superclub’ Aura

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This year’s AU contract ditches the monthly mess at Revs in favour of Liverpool’s newest club Aura.

Rowdy sports socs now face a bigger challenge than trying to own the tiny downstairs dancefloor in Revs…



Students must master the absolute mission of a walk from Walkabout to Aura, located near the Adelphi.

aura map

The contract was announced at a club committee meeting on Monday, with AU President Matt Ward and Vice President George McEvans vowing to act as “lolipop ladies” and assist drunk divas on their way.

The walk will undoubtedly be a sobering experience, but £1.50 bottles are sure to get the ball rolling in Aura again.


Liverpool’s new ‘superclub’ can host up to 1,800 AU die hards compared to the miserly 1,200 capacity Revs could offer.

At least now there’ll be a bit more room to strut your stuff and do your thang.


Walkabout will continue to host the fancy dress competition and the winning team will be living the dream in Aura with their free VIP booth for the night. Snazzy.

The recession is yet to hit AU as tickets are still the standard price of £4 and AU members can buy two at a time.

The first AU night of the year is on Wednesday October 9th, with tickets going on sale from the Sports Centre on Monday September 23rd.

Bring on the madness.


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