Take That, Manchester

Liverpool is the UK’s second most well-known city, a new survey shows

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A survey has shown that after London, Liverpool is the most well-known city in the UK. 

Blogger Stacey Cavanagh conducted a survey of over 1,000 of her American readers, asking them to “name a British city that is NOT London”.

A word cloud of the survey results ... Paris? Really?

A word cloud of the survey results … Paris? Really?

Our Mersey paradise came out on top, with 15% of respondents naming Liverpool. In an even more satisfying twist, Manchester was a close second, with 12%.

Also making it into the top 5 were Leeds (4.7%), Cambridge (3.7%) and Bristol (3.6%).

A British city.

A British city.

Other participants were a bit further off – 3.6% named Wales as a British city, and even more bewilderingly, 1.9% chose Paris.

Presumably we have The Beatles to thank for Liverpool’s international fame. Whatever the reason, just be thankful that you live in a city that constantly punches above its weight on the world stage.

Liverpool's greatest cultural export

Liverpool’s greatest cultural export

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