Results Rage

Complaining on the Internet is great. Liverpool students are pretty good at it.

exams funny results results day twitter

It’s that time of year again – results are out, and the Uni managed to find a new and novel way to cock it all up

Technical problems meant most students had to wait 8 agonising hours for their results – and the people who got their results on time got someone else’s.

In times of crisis, there’s sometimes no other option than to complain on the Internet, and Liverpool students did just that. Here’s our list of the best results day tweets. They’re all pretty angry.


This one’s basically poetry.


You can never be too frank.


Mean. But very funny.


Sometimes screaming incomprehensibly at the sky is your only option.


…and the prize is usually someone else’s results


Holding the powers that be to account.


Seems a bit dramatic.


Fortunately, some people were at hand to be voices of reason.


Blowing our own trumpet? Yeah, but this was funny.













































The Antistudent wasn’t happy, as usual.

Oh yeah, sorry about that.

Oh yeah, sorry about that.

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