Results Day Goes Perfectly

*Things Liverpool students don’t say

It’s that time of the year again, and the University of Liverpool has managed to cock up results day in a new and imaginative way. 

Instead of merely crashing the Liverpool Spider site, this time they’ve had a Results Lottery, where you get allocated a random students’ grades!

Bet you thought you'd had them

Bet you thought you’d had them

Who would’ve thought it, you study Shakespeare all year and end up with an Engineering degree.

Students are still eagerly anticipating their results whilst the university merely sends out ‘updates’.

Students are still waiting

Students are still waiting

A University of Liverpool spokesperson said: “We experienced a technical problem when sending students their exam results this morning which resulted in students receiving the wrong email.

“As soon as the University identified the problem, the process of issuing emails with exam results was stopped and so the majority of students have not yet received any email.

“The University sincerely regrets this error and is doing all it can to ensure that students receive the correct results as quickly as possible.

“In the meantime, all erroneous messages have been deleted from students’ email accounts.”

So everything is sorted then.