6 Things You Have To Do After Exams

Our definitive list of everything you MUST do after exams.

exams library stress sydney jones

You’ve managed to drag yourself to your exams, sit through at least 30 minutes of each one, and come out the other side with most of your sanity. 

But now the cramming is all over (or nearly over, in some cases), the days are looking curiously empty.

But never fear, The Tab is here with six things you can look forward to now you’ve finished those dreaded exams.

1. Spending all day in the Brookhouse.

It seems like second nature to most of us. Finish exams and head to the Brookhouse- it’s a vital part of the post-exam liver work out.  Now you’ve got no exams, there’s no excuse not to drink away your worries from 12 noon until close.


2. Watching every series of every TV show, ever.

How I met Your Mother, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Sex and the City; the opportunities are endless.  What’s more, this gives you the ultimate excuse to spend all day in bed, with toast crumbs across the sheets.

big bang

3. Sleep.

After at least a week of sleepless nights, dozing throughout the day and night is one of the best things to look forward to.  Finally no one can guilt trip you out of your afternoon nap.

4. Open a book that isn’t work related.

For all the bookworms out there, you can look forward to opening a book that is NOTHING to do with your exams.  No more foreign policy or Einstein, now you can indulge in some truly irrelevant reading.  But please, do so with a drink in your hand.

5. See ya, Sydney Jones!

No more sweaty Grove Wing, no more sprinting races for the only available computer.  It’s that time again when we can bid farewell to the library for at least another three months.  Now we actually can look forward to socialising without hushed voices.

(We would include the Harold Cohen, but let’s be honest with ourselves, the people who frequent that library will probably still be reading about pharmacology over the break anyway).


6.  The post-exam Big Night Out.

Exhaustion and cheap vodka combine to make this one of the messiest nights of the year!  You can look forward to stumbling over in Faculty after a standard quad vod, getting well acquainted with other celebrators and waking up the next morning with nothing but some interestingly placed bruises to remind you of the night’s events.


So there you have it.  For anyone who has already finished, we hope you’re enjoying yourselves doing all of the above (not at the same time).

To those reading this as a procrastination method, carry on slaving away with a jug of coffee.  It’s not long until all these privileges can be yours too.


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