B-Nob Buckby Lashes Out Over Woolwich

National Culturist Jack Buckby says Woolwich is a perfect example of “what Islam is all about”.

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Jack Buckby, notorious around campus for his outrageous viewslinks with the BNP and interesting scientific take on AIDs, has now branded the Woolwich murder as “a perfect example of what Islam is all about”.

He went on to warn his followers of the “major civil unrest’ on its way as a direct result of yesterday’s brutal attack.

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After suggesting many Muslims “aren’t Muslims at all and are perfectly pleasant”, Buckby once again alluded to Islam being completely incompatible with the West.

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He went on to attack Liberals for yesterday’s events. He said:

“Liberals think people like me are bad… do they not realise the hell they’d be living under an Islamic government?”

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Unsurprisingly, his controversial remarks were attacked by students, including student trustee Matthew Smyth and NUS Delegate Alasdair Bruce.

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Buckby then lashed out to a concerned tweeter who was appalled by Buckby’s attitude towards culture and art. He said:

“Use your bleeding brain what I said again. Remember to THINK.”

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