Grope in the Grove

There’s a new form of procrastination going on in the library…

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The Sydney Jones is heaving this time of year, with desperate students cramming for their dream 2:1.

So imagine the horror when one poor library goer overheard two students getting it on in the Grove Wing…

The Tab has learnt two saucy students were having a bit of ‘how’s your father’ in the first floor grove wing disabled loo on Monday afternoon.

At least it’s spacious

The deed was revealed on Twitter by second year Holly Waylen, who overheard the frisky frolic.

Declaring there wasn’t much to be said about the whole ordeal, she told The Tab: “Funnily enough I didn’t knock and ask for names!”

It was also picked up by lad of the library, @LivUniLad.

We expect this revelation only increases the fears of students expressed on the new ‘Things Liverpool Students Don’t Say’ Facebook page about the cleanliness of the library facilities.

One anxious student posted:

Perhaps those library ninjas should stop being so strict on computers and start focusing their attentions on bored and horny students.

We really hope this doesn’t become the latest form of procrastination. Enough toilets are out of order in the library as it is.


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