Why Everyone Should Avoid The Library

Urgh, why does everyone discover the library around exam time?

exams library revision stress

Exams are approaching and EVERYONE is in the library, so here are 10 reasons why you should avoid it at all costs:

1. Unless you’re up at 7am, you’ll never get a computer.  Computers disappear faster than your dignity at AU and once they’re gone, they’re gone (unlike your dignity, which is always to be found outside Walkabout, where you last saw it).

2. The whole of campus has suddenly discovered the library and decided to do their revision there. So it’s pretty much guaranteed you’ll sit next to that awkward bash and dash you had the other week on your ‘last night out before exams’ sesh.

3. Some smarmy gits have finished their dissertations and are just there to taunt you because they don’t have a life anymore.

4. Exams are not a time for washing hair/doing make-up/looking generally banging. Exams are a time for sweats, a greasy up-do and the ‘fresh faced look’. And seeming as you will bump into that awkward one night stand, you can’t go round looking like shit. Stay. At. Home.

5. The world is having an environmental crisis and it’s practically summer outside, but for some, strange reason, the bloody heating is still on. Sweating hell.

6. You can never find the book you’re looking for (is it on the first floor? Second floor? Grove wing? Who knows?!) and when you eventually find the shelf, someone else has already taken it.

7. That library ninja who leaves those pissy notes has multiplied into a hundred library ninjas. And nowadays, they even move your stuff…

8. Starbucks is a lovely treat, but when you need coffee after coffee after coffee, your little library trip has suddenly cost you £10.

9. You spend half the time on Facebook trying to persuade your mates to meet you for a gossip because you just walked past THAT person. Well, now no one can concentrate because this development is vital information and requires an immediate gossip.

10. Er, hello? It’s sunny outside.


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