Who’s trending in the area.

Twitter used to be the playground of internet geeks, but now everyone and everything feels a need to share their views on football, food, and feta. Here The Tab has compiled what we think are the Liverpool-based accounts you really ought to be following by now.


Obviously the uni itself has twitter but it tends to be full of retweets of people who haven’t even got in yet, and overuse of the word “webinar”, so instead follow the irreverent observations of Abercromby Square

Most sports clubs’ feeds are just notices of next training sessions, unsurprisingly. But pair the two hockey teams and you’ve got a full on battle of the genders. Who’s better, men or women? Not to forget The Foxes whose motivational messages are applicable to all final year students on deadline day

Of course, if you’re into higher brow things than tour, The English Society tweet Twain quotes quite regularly. Here’s some Shakespeare, because it’s English.


Who doesn’t love Med? Okay, it’s not to everyone’s taste, but they like to instagram photos of half-naked girls (yet gain, not to everyone’s taste), but their DJ Matt has a few words of wisdom

If you want to hear the scousers behind the bar say anything other than “that’s a dead good offer, I swear” head to Faculty and The Blob Shop, or risk being barred


If you’re into a bit of self-promotion, Maya screen their mentions over the dancefloor, Juicy overuse dollar signs (make me holla) and Salt Dog Slims will take a photo of you. Or maybe that only happens if you’re Chico

For more general music news you can’t really beat Bido Lito but Pause are sure to help you out. And they’re trying to book Craig David – FINGERS CROSSED


The original prinny. Scouse Bird notes the daily tragedies of being a girl in Liverpool, and definitely not being a wool.

And for the lads, there’s That Scouse Lad. Makes sense.


And your ma can empathise with Old Scouse Bird.

Got any other suggestions? Tweet @TheTabLiverpool. Maybe even give us a follow. We’re alright, really.


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