Student promotes racist AIDS poster

Far right starlet sparks controversy by tweeting poster that advises against sex with ‘Blacks’


Controversial far-right student, Jack Buckby, outdid himself last month, tweeting a picture of a poster entitled ‘Don’t Catch AIDS’.

The poster warned against sex with ‘intravenous drug abusers’, ‘bisexuals’ and ‘blacks’.

The National Culturists founder went on to new levels of delusion, writing ‘we need these posters on campus’.

Responding to criticism, Buckby tweeted: ‘I was making point abt [sic] people being offended by facts’.

Jack Buckby has been making a name for himself after founding the ‘National Culturists’, a group that opposes multiculturism.

Buckby has in the past taken the stage alongside BNP leader Nick Griffin.

To continue the theme, Buckby later tweeted his insightful views on Islam, writing ‘Paedos, paedos, paedos!’.

You won’t be seeing Buckby around campus, unfortunately, he steers clear unless ‘absolutely necessary’.

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