Get your kit off for the girls

“HATE U$ LIKE WE’RE F∆MOUS” – whether they’re Lad Clothing or Fresh Young Kings, Liverpool’s newest t-shirt company has a lot to say.

Lad culture’s taking over. With The LAD Bible becoming a regular feature on everyone’s news feeds now that your conscientious friends are lovely enough to share it, it was only a matter of time before your chest started proclaiming its allegiance to the cult of the lad. Cue Lad Clothing.

Consisting of purely graphic tees and varsity jackets, they’re pretty basic items that ought to be staples in the wardrobe, but some of the images leave a lot to be desired in regards to design.

Admittedly, the “tattoo” design is unique to the brand (I think, there’s no definite “exclusivity” notice) and suited for its audience, but the “Damn I Love Bitches” option is just derogatory, picturing a half-naked woman, her modesty concealed by the words “damn” and “bitches”. Wonder what the people supporting International Women’s Day would think.

The Tab tried to get in contact with the company. Replying immediately to tweets, it looked promising. After ignoring an email with interview questions for twenty-hour hours, The Tab tried to tweet them again, only to find the handle @LAD_Clothing no longer existed, and the feed on the site had changed to @FYK_Apparel (Fresh Young Kings).

With a feed full of tweets to stars of TOWIE, Geordie Shore, and The Valleys, Fresh Young Kings are demonstrating their awareness of their target audience.

Although their twitter has changed, they still trade under the name “Lad Clothing”, and the t-shirts on offer are the same designs. As their twitter states, they are the “freshest new clothing line”, but with old designs and an inability to answer questions such as “do you design your own graphic tees?”, The Tab cannot help but wonder whether “fresh” just translates to running away from the heat.

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