The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to Getting Back to Uni

4 members of LUWFC are hitching it across Europe in a race to get back to Liverpool the fastest

Europe Football hitch hike

Four members of UoL’s Women’s Football Club are hitch-hiking across Europe on the 11th April to raise money for ‘Hitch for Home’.

The girls are split into pairs, dropped off at an unknown destination in Europe, and have to race each other back to uni only by hitch-hiking.

Speaking to The Tab, Becky, A.K.A ‘Spud’ said the idea was created whilst they were hitch-hiking in Milan last summer.

Professional hitchers

When asked about the charity, Becky said: the charity is called Joining Jack, who raise money to search for treatments for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, which is currently terminal.

“There are links to the charity within the SU and LUWFC have been raising money for them this year. Hopefully this will be a quality opportunity to donate a decent amount of money to help with their research!”

They could be dropped anywhere in Europe

Despite the Comic Relief style promoting, it is needless to say it is for a good cause.

The first night the girls have to check in to a hostel and from there on out the girls are on their own.

Travelling back to Liverpool, the girls will be checking in with ground organisers (more members of LUWFC) every day to let them know where abouts they  are. They will then be posting a map of where each team is on to their Facebook page, so people can see the progress.

When asked if hitch-hiking is for the typical student, Becky said:

“It’s a really good way to meet some really great people you would never meet if you weren’t standing on the side of the road with your thumb out! I think that’s one of my favourite things about travelling this way.

“You may get a lift for 20km with some young people who are also a little crazy and like to travel, and then a lift for another 20km from a middle aged couple who feel sorry for you, and then a lift from a truck driver who fancies a bit of company on their drive, or even slightly more older people who used to hitch when they were younger and want to share stories of their travels, all in one day!”

The punishment for the losers is currently up for debate. A few suggestions have apparently been thrown around such as egging, wearing the ‘Twat of the Team’ jacket for a week, and streaking.

If you want to help the girls, you can donate to the Green Team or the Blue Team.


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