Review: Tony Teardrop

The Bombed Out Church plays host to a moving rendition of Esther Wilson’s ‘Tony Teardrop’

Bombed out Church Culture Drama Theatre Tony Teardrop

The uniquely atmospheric St Luke’s ‘Bombed Out’ Church was an inspired venue for the world stage premier of last night’s performance of award-winning playwright, Esther Wilson’s gritty, funny and provocative play, Tony Teardrop.

Astonishing venue, astonishingly cold…

Set in and around a support centre for the homeless, we follow Tony and his homeless companions as they reveal their pasts and struggles with the hardships they face living on the streets. Based on real events and people, the play explores the true meaning of ‘family’ and ‘home’ within the lives of these unfortunate individuals.

The play was musically backed by bluesy rock and roll band, Dan Wilson & The Cubical, who provided catchy riffs and vocals Tom Waits would even approve of.

The nice touch of blankets being handed out on arrival helped the audience prepare for the piercing cold that would accompany the play. Despite the weather, the intensity of the dialogue managed to break through the thunderous winds that shook through the church. Shivering and huddled up under blankets, it was easy to identify with the characters, who even stayed at the bombed out church during one point within the play.

Tony Teardrop, looks can be deceiving…

The powerful, heartfelt central performance of Tony, played by Neil Bell, had the audience utterly captivated as they gripped on to his every word.

With his genuinely comical moments, and moving soliloquys; the warmth of Tony’s character sufficed to keep the audience heated throughout the performance.

For a hilarious and thought provoking experience, I recommend Tony Teardrop to all brave enough to tolerate the bitter cold.

Performances of the play continue nightly at 8pm, until April 6. Tickets are available from £10.

Onesies and hot water bottles are heavily advised…