Roadworks Finished Early

Surprise as Smithdown Road improvements finished ahead of schedule.

bus road disruption Smithdown Road

Students frequenting the 699 and the 86 have run out of excuses on turning up late to their 9ams as the Smithdown road works are shockingly completed ahead of schedule.

After Scottish Power damaged the already bumpy main route, students no longer have to endure hours of tedious hungover journeys, taking double the normal amount of time.

Hopefully this means the route home from Chesters after Med on Wednesday will be a lot smoother for bare feet.

Councillor Tim Moore claims residents will get “major benefits” from the new road surface.

Tim Moore also claims he managed to successfully keep “disruption to a minimum”; a statement most users of Smithdown will no doubt disagree with. Unless, of course you enjoy zig-zagging past orange bollards on your way to Asda.


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