Friday Night Street Style: Modo

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the neon strip lighting” – Wilde, 2013.

concert square modo street style

It’s a Friday. You’re fed up of getting black sambuca thrown over you by the exuberant spinning blondes “dancing” to Destiny’s Child in Heebie’s, and next thing you know you’re firmly placing one foot in front of the other as you make your way down the steps in Modo. Or at least that’s what happened on March 1.

That red lighting serves as a beacon to all connoisseurs of RnB, praying to the grail of spilt cocktails and a surprisingly good DJ. But The Tab is more interested in what the punters were wearing. Or what they weren’t.

This chap seems very pleased with the material of his other half’s dress as he simply cannot keep his hands off it. I reckon it’s cotton.

This is William, going for an all black look. When asking what his photo was being taken for, he also enquired as to my name. So shout out to his sister, who also goes by the name Rebecca.

This is half naked David – thankfully not naked David – working the chambray and nipple combination.

Kai here was selling smoking drinks, his uniform consisting of a casual black shirt. It’s difficult to work out whether he’s more confused as to why his photo is being taken, or why the reporter’s friends think it’s okay to photobomb. Not very professional.

Wait, what’s happening here?

Eight seconds later, and now we know what’s happening

Peplum dresses are still a go to look for the clubbing scene, a desirable look.

Oh, it’s David again. He appears to have acquired a t-shirt.

I’ve never seen anyone with a rucksack in a club before, probably because they’re left beneath the bar. Any unattended luggage may be removed and destroyed without notice, especially if it’s LA Gear branded.

However, it would appear that the Police have gained the ultimate accessory, which can be purchased from your nearest Tesco.

Compared to Med and the Raz, Modo is certainly more scouse (there were at least two hen nights, marked by their appearance as “sexy animals”, so coy!), resulting in plenty of bodycon and sequins, to rival the dregs of the River Island sale.

Whether you love or hate Modo, it certainly is a visual delight.


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