My Night on 2CB…

Ever wanted to know what 2CB is actually like?

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After recent horror stories about the drug 2C-B, it was time to try it for myself to see if any of the gossip was true.

I began the night like all others pre-drinks at home with friends. Some were taking MDMA, others just alcohol. My choice, if I listened to the news, could have been my last.

The drug 2C-B was created by chemist Dr Alexander Shulgin, credited with the discovery of other mind-altering substances including MDMA. He has written two books, ‘Pihkal’ and ‘Tihkal’, detailing the chemical structures and instructions on how to create certain substances. He also tested all his own drugs and writes ‘reviews’ of his discoveries along side the recipes.

The recommended dosage in his book was 20mg. I am well aware of the dangers any psychoactive poses on the human mind and did not want to take too much.  I ate a small dinner, and drank only a little alcohol with my friends.

Soon it was time to leave for the party. I took the capsule containing what I hoped to be 20mg of 2C-B. My only way of knowing was to wait an hour and see if I had taken the wrong substance or the wrong dosage. I could not imagine what might have happened.

During the taxi ride I felt my heart beat faster, an ominous sign of anxiety, which helped pump chemicals through my body. Soon I would enter the unknown. I hoped for a good night.

Entering the club, I couldn’t feel any physical effects of the drug. The DJ was playing house but the bar seemed to be the place to be. As friends filled up on liquid confidence, I slid out for a cigarette.

My hands were freezing cold as I exhaled smoke from my lungs. Nicotine supressed my nerves. As I began chatting to a nurse, the influences of the drug increased: colours began to penetrate my mind and the music flowed through me in waves of elation. I had to dance.

Inside the dance floor was packed. I quickly located my friend, and danced. I felt like I was floating. I shuddered as people brushed past me, like a thousand orgasms running through me all at once. I looked around my mind took in my surroundings as if I was sober, yet I couldn’t be. I was in a dream state floating on satisfaction. The music was crystal clear. The girl in the polka-dot dress looked beautiful.

The trip was set to last four hours. As the DJ played his last few songs, I felt the 2C-B’s final effects. I was bought back to earth gradually as my mind sobered. I got in a taxi and returned home.

My night on 2C-B was over, but the memories from it are still with me.

I felt no fear on this chemical, I didn’t see the devil, I certainly never considered suicide. What I did see was all the beauty life could offer.

This isn’t a promotion for drug taking, this an example of rave culture in the 21st century. Sadly, drugs have become so accessible and cheap that no smear campaigns will work against young people trying them.  It is therefore relevant for the media to promote the safe usage, to prevent drug abuse and further deaths.

 Disclaimer: The Tab in no way endorses the use of drugs. 

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