Harlem Flop

Liverpool Uni’s take on the Harlem Shake disappointed many, as only a handful of the 190 expected participants actually turned up.

harlem shake liverpool uni shake university square

A Liverpool Uni edition of the Harlem Shake turned into more of a Harlem Flop, as only a few of the 190 expected participants actually turned up.

The shake was organised to be at 12PM on the 25th of February. By 12, University Square was flooded with students, and the turnout looked promising. However, once the crowds had subsided and people had gone to lectures, it became obvious that only a few had turned up for the event.

An empty University Square at 12:05

The people that had bothered to show up, however, didn’t spare any effort. Nazir Accad, UoL student and organiser of the the event, could be recognised a mile away by his monkey onesie. Plenty of other shakers had donned fancy dress in order to attract more participants.

Nazir and his signature onesie

Unfortunately, interest remained low, leaving the Square empty, apart from a few stalls and a couple of RAG fundraisers in animal costumes, both of whom were roped in to the shake.

Now that’s dedication to charity

By 12:30 it was obvious that the additional 180 people they were waiting for weren’t going to show up; an executive decision was made to go ahead with the shake anyway, with Nazir valiantly recruiting passers-by to join in.

Most of the 190 Facebook guests didn’t arrive

The cameras started rolling and all the participants started shaking to their hearts’ content, while bewildered onlookers tried to avoid walking through the shot while watching curiously.

The final line-up

Nazir told The Tab about the “complete fail” that was Spotted: Liverpool Uni Library’s attempt at the Harlem Shake – despite the page having over 6,500 likes, Spotted’s shake seemed to suffer from the same turnout problems.

Aside from being slightly cold, the weather was fine, meaning the infamous Liverpool rain wasn’t to blame. Maybe Liverpool students just aren’t interested in this particular internet phenomenon?

‘Spotted’s initially popular attempt at organising a shake fell flat as well

As always, The Tab was there with a camera to capture the day’s events. You can’t fault their enthusiasm, but it is a little bit… lacklustre


For those of you who still want to lose your Harlem Shake virginity, there’s time. After the shake had stopped, another attempt was planned for the same time the next day – 12PM on the 26th of February. So dig out your best costumes and get down to University Square bright and early.

UCL got over 2,000 people to go to theirs – surely UoL can manage more than 12?

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